To Our Future Children

1:03 PM

       We make homemade syrup in this house. Always have, always will. But just a word of caution to you. If you ever pour it into a
       water bottle as the dispenser, just make sure that you don't close the lid and start shaking it, because it will surely explode EVERYWHERE. All over you, all over the ceiling, and all over everything in the kitchen.

But listen to this. Sometimes, life is rude and lets you stub your toe. Sometimes life is nice and let's you find money in your pockets! And sometimes life laughs at you by exploding the syrup bottle.

Sure, we didn't think it was all that funny in the moment of explosion, but give us 10 minutes and we were laughing. It's not everyday you have to scrub the ceiling because of exploding syrup! We make the best of what life gives us in this family, and you're going to learn that very quickly.

Love, (future)Mom and Dad

P.S. You should have seen Daddy's face when that bottle exploded. HAHAHA!

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  1. Love your blog so much Aubrey! Pretty pictures are my weakness. One day when Andi's a little older and I'm finished with the home projects I want you can bet you're bottom dollar I'm going to hire you to do an in home shoot! If you do those haha I love you're eye.

    1. Thank you so much Ali! I love yours as well! And I would LOVE To take pictures in your beautiful light soaked house!!! Ahh! Seriously:) thank you so much again!

  2. Two funny things- that I comment on your pictures on the one post that doesn't have them (I was catching up on what I missed ha) and that saying I love your eye is probably the weirdest compliment I have ever given, but you know what I mean ;)


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