9:22 PM

        Last year's Double Stuffed Oreo costume was pretty hard to beat! This year we really wanted to be Belle and Beast (after Beast turns into a human) but we just weren't able to figure out the costumes in time. Maybe next year! But this year's costume was easy, affordable, clever but classic! It was fun, and Chance made the cutest Scarecrow! So cute, in fact, he didn't scare this crow at all! ;)

Halloween was complete with visiting Tanner & Ashley's for some tasty waffles, then to Grandma's for the Chili & Spudnut tradition. And how crazy was this warm weather? It's usually snowing on Halloween and you get mad at your mom for making you wear a coat over your costume! Not bad for the end of October! Though my Utah-ness is going to kick in soon and I'm going to be begging for snow....

Happy Halloween, from the Scarecrow & Crow!

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  1. Ok I'm a little late to this, but I LOVE this costume. You guys are so darn cute!

  2. I'm also a bit late but hey great job on the costumes and these photos!


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