4:55 PM

Life. It's so busy right now. My thoughts consistently are as follows:

"It seems like I just woke up. How did that 8 hours go by so fast?"
"All I do is work, eat, and sleep."
"It's much too dark to be awake right now."
"Do I sleep in because I can? Or do I wake up early so I can get all the things done that I want to?"

And anything else along those lines.

Through all the business, we have been able to do some fun things and here we are to catch up on those things! Future kids, we have lives!

>It's OCTOBER! (Just in case you didn't already know via facebook or instagram ;) It seems to be a favored month among many people. I really just decided I can't decide my favorite month/season/holiday is. I just love it all.

And peaches are my new favorite fruit. Seriously wow.

>For General Conference weekend we had the pleasure to work the cows on Chance's parent's farm. Okay, I didn't work the cows and I don't think it's a pleasurable thing, but it's always so fun to be with his family and hang out there. Chance even fixed up the 4-wheeler and we got to ride around for a while! Oh and every time we go to the farm, I turn into a crazy cat lady!

Hearing from our prophets and apostles is always a highlight of my year. The spirit can be felt even when listening to it on the radio, outside, while cows are mooing... haha.

Yes, that's my husbands hair. No big deal he has thicker, softer, lovelier hair than I do. I love playing with it:)

Crazy cat lady, I'm tellin' you!

That's 4 kitties on my lap. It just happened. They flock to me.

>Work has been busy, but as a fun trip we got to go to Park City and ride the Alpine Slide/Coaster. Park City is so beautiful in the fall and it was such a nice break from the office. My job roooocks.

>I've been super busy with photography. These fall colors in photos are to die for. I've been up in the mountains and through the canyons more than ever before. It's good for my soul.

>Chance and I only get to spend about 4 hours a day together (if you don't count sleeping), and it's just really not enough! It's necessary and worth it for now, but one day we will get to spend lots more time together. We have gone to the movies, the ReAl game, and ran endless errands.Woohoo!

>If you don't consciously get into the Holiday season, then it's just like every other day. We are making special effort to make memories and to make holidays something to look forward to and celebrate all the month long!

I'll post more of our decor' later!

>Again, soaking in this whole Fall Season. It's so beautiful!! The Alpine Loop was especially fabulous.

>Spending time with my family is always fun, even if we are just helping move and hanging out. I like to see this niece, Layla, of mine as much as possible! She is gaining more and more personality everyday. And her cheeeeeks! Ahhh!!

Well, who knows when the next time I'll have a moment to update. Hopefully not too far away! Life is good and we are grateful for all the we have! 

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  1. Girl, those braids KILL ME!! go chance!!

    1. I never had sisters to play with their hair, I never thought it would be my husbands hair that I was playing with!

  2. HAHAHAH you french braid his hair!! FAVORITE PERSON AWARD. glad i found your blog!


    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by :)

      Isn't his hair just ... I'm jealous hahaha. One day I hope he lets me do it in the morning so he has it all day for work and he can tell his co workers "my wife did my hair this morning". Bahaha!

      I'm excited to check out your blog!

  3. Oh my gosh! Cutest pictures ever! That Alpine loop shot is killing me! Love it!

    1. Thanks Em! I was dying over your Alpine Loop pics!! :)


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