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\\Headaches//The question "What's for dinner?"\\Being the only one in the dodgeball court... Like everyone else on my team got out and I was left to fend for myself. WORST.//working all day every day//


//Nerding out during out cardio. Many LOTR references were given. I also just called it LOTR, so that means I'm a real nerd, right?\\Babysitting Layla//Buying cilantro and mint plants. I have a little herb garden!\\BLOSSOMS ON TREES! SPRING!!\\Family Dodgeball Team #Younguns.\\Bon fire birthday party//Cat snuggling on the farm\\Learned how to fishtail braid!\\Friday The 13th!//Birthday Dinners at Grandma's\\Taking my cousin's engagement pictures//flowers we bought 2 weeks ago, still alive!

Short lists this week. Ha sometimes I can't even remember anything. Yikes!

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  1. i always got out on purpose so i wouldn't be the only one left hahahaha. also i'm glad you learned how to fishtail braid :)

    1. Haha seriously I tried! But the other team only tried to get out the best players, and I couldn't ever get my hands on a ball to throw so the other team could catch it either! Struggle!! Haha.

      And yes, from the braid queen amber! Mine are still homely but I'm practicing:)

  2. your pictures of blossoms OMG. so so good. also - good job on learning to fishtail! i love watching amber's tutorials, but i feel like it takes me ages to actually get it down.

    1. Thank you!! I am obsessing over them outside of that parking garage! Oh and it's outside the KSL building! I just remembered you worked there:)

      haha seriously I watch her videos and do exactly as she does, and mine is just not the same! maybe i need extensions. or practice hahah.


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