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I live for Holidays. I really do. It's so nice to have something to look forward to and celebrate. But man, St Patrick's Day. Like what the heck! I learned that St Patrick wasn't Irish, the official color is NOT green, and that corned beef isn't a traditional meal in Ireland? This holiday is bogus!! And for that reason I just brushed it off. I forgot to wear green, I didn't decorate the house accordingly, and I didn't even try to make a tradition for it.

So think about how I felt when later that night I said to Chance, "Maybe we should do something to celebrate St Patrick's Day" and he goes "Yeah, I was thinking about that all day and we should definitely do something". Hahaha let down wife!!

So at 8:30 at night we ran to Costco to grocery shop, they didn't have Lucky Charms, so we ran to Walmart, SOLD OUT OF LUCKY CHARMS (apparently this is a popular holiday), so we bought the knock off marshmallow matey's. And green food coloring to make it extra festive.

We got home. Made our milk green, poured our cereal, and ate it together.

Happy St Patrick's Day.


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  1. Replies
    1. Haha thanks. It was apparently everyone else's idea too since they were SOLD OUT hahaha. :)

  2. okay did you read that buzzfeed list that went through everything we think is for "st patty's" but it's ALL A SHAM? corned beef and cabbage isn't even irish? what the heck?? haha - regardless i think it's cute that you guys still celebrated. and marshmallow matey's are just as good as lucky charms, i think. :)

    1. I heard that stuff on the radio! But they probably read it from buzz feed. My life is a lie. Haha. Also did you say it's all a SHAM like sham-rock? Because that would have been a really great pun. hahaha!

      The marshmallow matey's were still good, but gosh I haven't had sugar cereal in so long, it actually made me feel sick a little haha... One bowl next time...


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