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Happy Spring! The weather is warmer and the trees are BLOSSOMING (seriously blossom obsessed over here...). I'm so happy about this change of scene. Finally we can start planning to do stuff outside, and it doesn't get dark at 5:00 pm anymore. With this warmer weather, I've officially decided to make a wardrobe change to skirts and dresses. I seriously cannot stand pants any longer.. hahaha. I want to move to Lake Powell and live in a swim suit the rest of my life. 

Since I learned to fishtail braid, I can't stop. I practice on Chance every day and he looks like an elf from LOTR and I love it, and he loves it (looking like an elf from LOTR, that is).

The time of day between 2-4 on Saturdays is the worst. I don't know why, but it generally puts me in a bad mood and I don't want to do anything... but I don't want to be bored. Then I'm just a lame head about it. I gotta work on that, poor Chance.

We saw Cinderella and it was just completely and utterly magical. I got chills when she walked into the ball in her fabulously flowy poofy blue dress. A new love for Cinderella has sprung into my heart.

I love taking pictures for people and of people, but man I wish I could afford to have pictures taken of me and Chance! You can only do so much with a tripod and self timer... But hey, we are SO close to being out of debt!! Maybe we can celebrate getting out of debt with some cute pictures... I dunno if Chance will go for that. 


A few weeks ago, I made coconut curry for dinner and our apartment just BARELY lost the smell of it. Thank goodness. 

Chance, Jordan (chance's bro), and I roamed SLC the other night. I took some pictures at the capitol, and then we explored the Capitol, I took them to where I work to show them our sweet space, and then we roamed City Creek, and dreamt of the day we (I) could actually afford anything inside Anthropologie. Haha again.. we are almost out of debt yeaaaahhhhh.

Oh Spring, I'd actually prefer if you didn't just rush into Summer too quick. This kind of weather until the end of May would be ideal. Thanks.

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  1. I love Spring; it makes me feel so energised and ready for the year! I've just got my first batch of Daffodils (so you know it's Spring!). I'm completely obsessed with all type of braid atm, check out dutch braids if you havent already! xx


  2. Being a poor college student is the worst, I feel your pain. We splurged this year for our anniversary trip but other than that we pinch pennies like crazy. And hey, if you ever need someone to take pictures of you and Chance, I'm always down for a trade. It would be good practice for me, too.


    1. Haha it is quite painful... but all in all I'm grateful for our saving skills!

      I will probs take you up on that offer!

  3. ^ yup I would take pics of you two as well! Especially since you let me shadow you and get confidence haha! So yeah, seriously let me know if you want me to!^ also BLOSSOMS I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. We should try to find a blossom tree to take the braid picture by haha. I wish there was a tree with blossoms by a colored wall, because that would be perfect!

    1. Hahaha I will probably take you up on that offer as well!

      Maybe we can hunt for a colored wall blossom combo... Ah I can already see the blossoms disappearing though :( They should last until Saturday at least!

  4. just came across your blog and im OBSESSED. You are adorable. Can't wait to follow along.
    bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com


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