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Starting the whole30 again and having to hide all the left over Easter Candy...\\Greasy hair for days. I never want to wash it, so what...//mother nature telling me I'm not pregnant (I told you that would be a re-occurring low)\\SUPER dry skin//Snow\\Delayed Trains for days//Even in the world of healthy foods, the yummiest ones aren't the healthiest. Like Almond butter. And I like ground beef better than chicken, but chicken is much better for you. Thank the heavens for avocados.\\ they way I get grumpy on Saturdays between 2-4 pm... I don't even know.


Starting the whole30 again, but this time MUCH more prepared. We're on day 14 (half way!) and both of us are doin fine! I'm getting a little sick of what we are eating every day... and for sure I miss bread and milk and candy, but I'm not miserable, like last time, plus if nothing else, we have discovered ALMOND BUTTER AND IT'S AMAZING! We are losing weight too so that helps!\\Super Nintendo games all around, and Chance re-living part of his childhood//the floor I work on is FREEZING and they bought us snuggies.... mine is Superman.\\Watching Phantom of the Opera 5+ times since it's been on Netflix these last few weeks.//FHE with Chad and Leanne\\Mario Kart Tourni with Jace and Jenna. JACE YOU KNOW I WON FRAPPE SNOWLAND!!! ALKSJD:LAKSDJ:ASD\\having Tanner & Ashley & Layla over on Sunday. Oh that Layla girl, I love her!!\\when Chance accompanies me on Photoshoots

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  1. girl you are a rockstar doing whole 30 again. i did it once & said NEVER AGAIN. also, LOL to your superman snuggie. love it!

    1. Hahaha well when I say we are doing it "again", we only lasted 4 days the first time. So that didn't really count. It's a beast, but I'm proud of us so far! Doubt we would every do it again either hahaha!

      That snuggle is my life. I can't believe they actually bought me one. Hahah

      Thanks Kayla your comments are always the sweetest!

  2. yay for our nieces having the same name :)


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