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    Hey future kids. Remember when the syrup bottle exploded?  Well, after tonight, I think we have decided that we may just make a reality TV show called, EXPLOSIONS IN THE KITCHEN. Tonight's explosion featured the cornbread and glass pyrex dish:

Here's how today's story goes.
You're dad and I worked out together in the evening, and then we decided to go get some things for Easter, because you know how this family loves Holidays. It was really a grand time, though we were both getting hungry and I soon realized we wouldn't be eating dinner until like... 9:00 pm. But I decided we could make Taco Soup and Cornbread, because that was easy and fairly quick, besides cooking the chicken. So we started cooking right away when we got home.
We put two pots on the stove, one to start cooking the soup and one to start frying the chicken. In the meantime, you're dad began making the cornbread so we could get it in the oven. The cornbread was almost done, and all I had to do was shred the chicken and put it in the soup and we would be ready to eat.
The oven timer went off for the cornbread, so Chance took it out and set it on the stove, and I continued shredding the chicken, and he went back to finishing some homework. Then...



Dad turned around and goes WHAT HAPPENED? And I'm just looking at the glass everywhere like... I DON'T KNOW! We could smell burning and soon realized that the small burner that the cornbread was sitting on had been on a medium high heat setting.... So dad quickly moved the broken glass off the burner.

Both of us were just stunned for like a minute and then realized we had to hurry and go put our shoes on so we didn't step on any glass all over the floor. And we started to clean up. We swept the floor like 8 times, wiped the glass off the counter and stove into the garbage and cleaned up everything really well... The corn bread was ruined because there were little glass pieces all over it and we weren't going to risk eating glass. We don't think it got in the soup because it exploded outward and not up, so at least the soup was saved. But we were both way sad/mad about the cornbread. So we made another batch in a smaller dish because we wanted it so bad.

We didn't even eat until 10:30. And we are usually IN BED at 9:30.

The syrup explosion was a little bit more comical, except that fact that it burned Dad's face a little bit... but it was a lot easier to clean up. Maybe we will look back on this and laugh, but not today...

Stay tuned for next months EXPLOSIONS IN THE KITCHEN featuring... who knows!?

You're parents are way smarter than this... I promise!!

-Love (future) Mom & Dad

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  1. Replies
    1. SERIOUSLY. I wonder what our neighbors thought... haha.

  2. hahaha to this story. that sounds super intense and pretty frightening, though! i LOOOVE how you wrote this in the form of a letter to a future child, so creative.

    1. Haha thanks... I hope our future kids enjoy it! I know I would have loved to know these kinds of stories about my parents!

  3. I remember the same thing happening to some of our friends in college a couple of years ago. It was an apartment full of boys and they made brownies. They set the glass pan on the stove that they forgot to turn off and it exploded and shattered EVERYWHERE! The apartment was PACKED FULL of people too because they had company and they have an open concept kitchen so everyone was in the room (although they were mostly sitting on couches in the living room). How no one got hurt is beyond me, but I'm just glad that no one did. I'm glad you guys are okay too!


    1. Hahah chance did the same thing when he was in college but he did it on purpose, not knowing that it would explode... We are okay, but im pretty sure I had a knife in my hand when it exploded and maybe a little more worried about that haha.


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