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 Finally the day that baby Sophie was blessed arrived! After being rescheduled like 6 times (okay that was an exaggeration) it finally happened!

Chance and I had to attend our Church meetings first because we had to teach primary. And let me tell you, we walked out of there SO done. Those kids can seriously being obnoxious sometimes. I love them, but occasionally they just don't listen. I had to be that teacher thats like "(Child's Name), what did I just say?" and then they stare blankly because they don't know what's going on. So yeah, we were happy to leave...

On our way up, I forgot my camera, which obviously we had to turn around for! So we were cutting it really close to make it on time. In the car on the way up Chance says "We should just sit in the back and leave after the blessing..." And I was like "Seriously, I'm not in the mood to sit through another hour of church... " (honesty people.. haha). And he goes "Oh really?... I did NOT think you would go for that". Haha... So we made it in time for the blessing, but the meeting had already started. So we sat in the back, Chance went up to be in the circle for the blessing, and then we walked out of the chapel together... It was such a nice day outside too.

As we walked out of the Chapel, my Aunt Renee and her kids were out there too and I haven't seen them in a while so they came to my parents house with us. And then I witnessed the best/most hilarious thing. My cousins Gavin (he's like... 5 or 6?) started playing the piano, and my Aunt says "Wait Gav! Aubrey you have to come here this song Gavin wrote." So she proceeds to tell me that recently she took Gavin on a trip to California with her mom, and on their way home their flight got delayed so they went to go take one last walk on the beach. As they were walking, they passed a dog and when they passed it, the dog BIT Gavin on the bum! She said he was crying and bleeding and it was crazy. But then her mom took him to get ice cream and then he was okay. So she says that he wrote this song about the experience.

I don't have it recorded or anything, but here's how it went. He is playing this cute tune that sounds happy and bouncy (to illustrate that they were happy walking the beach together), then after a minute he slams the keys with his elbow (to illustrate when the dog bit him!). Then the music went into similar tune as before, but in minor (to illustrate when he was sad and crying). Then he drags his fingers from the bottom of the keys to the top (to illustrate when he was getting ice cream!) and then the tune went back to how it was at the beginning, all happy and bouncy because he was happy with ice cream!

I. Was. DYING. It was SO funny, and like so AWESOME that this little boy could do that! It seriously made my day.

She and her family had to leave before church was over so they couldn't stay for food. But everyone came over for sandwiches on Grandma's rolls and salads and everything yummy really. It was SO fun to have all my family together (missing Austin and Jessica in North Carollina!!) with all my nieces. They are all getting so funny! Millie Jo always runs and gives me the biggest hugs when I see her! Grace can be a little pouty but she's warming up! Layla has so much personality now and it's so fun to see her being goofy and smiley all the time.

I was holding Millie and she started picking her nose and I said "Millie don't pick your nose!" and she just says "I pick my nose!" then I look away for a second at Chance and look back and her finger is 2 inches from my face with a booger on it! And I say "Ew Millie!!" And she just says "I want to show Daddy!!". So I put her down and she ran to show my brother. Hahaha...

Chance is so cute with our nieces and they love him! He plays with them and throws them up in the air and they just want him to do it over and over and over!

Little Sophie is SO cute. She has so much hair and chubbiness and is just too sweet. Chad and Leanne make awesome parents and I'm so happy for them!

After we cleaned everything up, but the bro's had a 3 point shoot out! And guess who won? CHANCE!! Now, Chance is athletic and he likes playing sports a lot, but he doesn't really follow sports or anything. I was even a little worried about him fitting in with my brothers because they talk sports A LOT. But Chance gets along so well with them all and they all love him! Anyways, so Chance beat them in a 3 point shoot out (which they all say they ALL did really bad haha) and my bro's then say "Chance, that's like us coming to Delta and being better than rounding up cows than you!" And Chance says "Oh yeah, because we LOOOVE rounding up cows"... hahaha. I was proud needless to say!

I'm so glad I had my family to turn around the attitude of my day. Primary seriously but me in a bad mood, but by the end of the night I completely forgot about it! I have SO much love for my family, and it is the best thing to just watch it keep growing!

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  1. Hahaha what age do you teach in primary? I have the four year olds. One little girl's mom is the Primary chorister... so she loves to act out when her mom is doing singing time. One Sunday she kept putting as much of her dress in her mouth as she could and chewing on it. I had finally had it after her not listening and told her it was disgusting.. I didn't know her Mom had seen me say that! She came up to me afterwards and THANKED me. She appreciates when teachers are firm and speak like a parent to misbehaving children haha.

    Also your pictures are beautiful and it looks like a lovely day!!

    1. We are the choristers together so we teach them all! Haha I wasn't really worried about being stern I just don't like to... I'm glad that mom thanked you though!

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. idk if this is weird to say, but that baby looks just like you!

    1. Not weird at all! She belongs to my brother who I most look like, so it makes sense haha


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