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Nephew #1! Welcome, sweet boy!

Our sister in-law Jamie was due on Wednesday last week, and that boy just wasn't coming! I texted my mother-in-law on Friday to ask her what the status was, (so we could go for the weekend if she had the baby!) but she said that he was staying put, and if she didn't go into labor naturally by Tuesday, they would induce her. My mother-in-law thought it would be closer to Tuesday because Jamie hadn't dilated yet or anything, so we weren't expecting it! Then the next day Chance got a text "Jamie is in Labor!" and some hours later we got pictures of the new baby! His name is Colt Ty Young (Ty, after Chance's brother who passed away). We left for Delta as soon as we got out of Church on Sunday, so we could see that newborn boy! He has Jamie's nose and Skyler's hair!! We love him so much, and it will be so fun to have a nephew!!

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  1. that hair!!!! so fun! i can't wait until i have nieces and nephews, but my next sibling is 16 so that's going to be awhile! haha

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

    1. so much hair, so cute!! Hahah your time will come ;)

  2. Your eyebrow game in these is so strong. Also YOUR NEPHEWS HAIR. Like, so amazing and so much!!!

    1. HAH thanks. I take pride in those brows.

      so much hair and so soft!


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