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   For Father's Day, Chance and I decided to spend some of Saturday with my dad, and then go to Delta to spend time with his Dad on Sunday. 

We were trying to think of what we could get for our dads and chance said "Dad's like treats!". So we were thinking of something we could make and Chance said his dad really likes strawberry rhubarb pie, and I said, SO DOES MY DAD! So we decided to make them strawberry rhubarb pies!

We went to Smiths to get some rhubarb but we didn't find any, so we asked a worker and he said "It's all gone.. we got a shipment and it sold out, everyone wanted it. I don't know when the next one comes." 
So we went to Fresh Market to see if they had any and you know what they said?
"We did have it, but nobody bought it so we got rid of it."
So then we called the Whole Foods store to see if they had any, and they said they only had frozen. We didn't even think to look for frozen rhubarb at the other stores... But we drove up to Whole Foods and bought the frozen rhubarb. Then back to Smiths to buy other ingredients.

My dad didn't know we were coming over so it was fun to surprise him! We made the pie at my parents house so he could have it warm, with vanilla ice cream! The second fiasco was that I put too much water in the crust mixture when I made it, so it was suuuper sticky... So we ended up adding the other box we bought for Chance's dad as well and just planned on saving the other crust for later. But then we had too much filling so we used some more crust to make mini pies.. (so we had to go buy another box of crust mix!)

My dad loved having us spend some time with him, and he loved the pie! I knew it was one of his favorites, but we never have it for some reason!

I'm so thankful for my dad! He has always been able to make me laugh and we have the same sense of humor so it's so fun to be around him. I love being his favorite "princess daughter"! Happy Father's day Dad!

I mean seriously, how cute is he?!

We had to go to our church on Sunday to lead the primary kids singing in sacrament meeting, but then we found out the kids were going to make father's day cards during singing time, so we were able to leave right after sacrament to go be with Chance's Dad! We also made him a strawberry rhubarb pie, AND homemade ice cream (when I remembered I had an ice cream maker it was too late to make it for my dad). He also loved it! He also got a nice quilt that Chance's mom made him, and the Joseph Smith papers, and from the other kids he got some shoes and portable charger. He was spoiled! But obviously our pie was the best gift ;) ... the most delicious anyways. 

I have loved having Richard as my father-in-law. From the very beginning, he has always made me feel so loved and welcomed into their family and home. He's the smartest guy around, and is also very witty and the best teaser around... haha. Happy Father's Day Papa Richy!

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