Night On The Town

11:16 AM

       Provo really has a lot to offer. It may be "Happy Valley" with a slightly negative connotation, but there is ALWAYS something
       going on in Provo. The music scene is HUGE and there's always some kind of concert going on. There's farmers markets, and a million unique places to eat. Oh and did I mention there's Google Fiber here? So it must be legit, right?

So why not grab our scooters and hit the town? (The Scooters grandma was going to get rid of! Score!)

Provo Rooftop Concert

 Street Magic

More street magic. This dude was funny. And he said "who wants a picture with a dude tied up!" so I obviously took him up on the offer.

It was a magical night. (Super bad quality photo...)
No but really, that was so fun!

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