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The Utah State Fair. You can just smell all the grease and fried food just hearing the words "state fair", right?

The State Fair is one of those things that you go to, just for the experience of it. Because unless you're ready to spend $80+, all you really can do is walk around.

It's a fun atmosphere though. All the little rides with their lights, the prize winning farm animals and food, super weird things like the "100 lb killer rat" that you have to pay to see. 

[I'm kicking myself for forgetting my nice camera... fair pictures are so fun! iPhone will have to do..]

Annie and Trent accompanied us on this adventure, and it was so fun to have them around. I'm so excited for them to get married in January! Then we will officially be "married friends".

The fair is really the best at night, when you can see all the fun lights.

The fair is the perfect Summer activity. [Yes, it's still Summer] 

PS we watched Annie, and a bunch of other people, get hypnotized. And it was hilarious.

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  1. THE RAT, THE RAT, THE RAT!!!!!!!!! I laughed out loud when I saw it. 100% disgusting! What a fun summer memory for the books! xx

    1. Seriously!! What did they really have in there I wonder.... Crazy crazy!

      Thanks for stopping by, Ginger!


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