5:05 PM

PART 2! We went on this hike to a waterfall, because when you're in Hawaii how could you not hike to a waterfall? Well turns out this hike was way longer and harder than we had anticipated haha. It was super muddy and took us like 5 hours round trip. Props to Tanner and Ashley for doing it with a small toddler!! They are such cool parents :). When we got to the waterfall it was freeeezing, but obvi we had to jump in. I jumped in from the tiny cliff but Tanner and Chance both jumped from the higher one, that was probably scarier climbing up to than it was actually jumping off. I loved this adventure! (PS I was so happy that the Target in Hawaii was still selling swim suits haha! And PPS Chance and I had been working out/eating healthy since April to get ready for this trip! Woohoo!!) Oh and another random thing to note, Tanner split that apple with his bare hands

After our jungle excursion we went to another beach park. The sand was soooo fine and soft. Which meant it stuck to everything, but it was beautiful. And Chance was obsessed with the warm ocean. AND wind surfing looks like the funnest thing ever. We were completely drained when we got home! Tanner made some SUPER GOOD chicken and shrimp kabobs (forgot to mention that in the what we ate post) but seriously it was so good.) and we lounged in the hot tub for a sec. Again, dead tired by 9:30! Love it.

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  1. I LOVE Ashley's swimming suit! Do you know where she got it?!

    1. Tanner bought it for her from some Austrailian website haha


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