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PART 3!! On Sunday we drove down to the North Shore to go to Church and see the Temple. The church only had AC in the chapel, and then all the classrooms were left to bake in the heat hahaha. It was really windy here. The temple is sooo so pretty though. After the temple we went and ate lunch outside on a little scenic outlook. This place is so pretty! Unfortunately I didn't have memory card in my nice camera, so the gopro had to suffice ;) After lunch we went and walked through a Botanical Garden to another waterfall, which was very pretty! We didn't swim in it, but it was a very nice jaunt to the fall. We picked up a bird brochure and got a kick out of sighting all the birds we saw!

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  1. all of you pictures have done incredible justice to hawaii! it really is the most beautiful place. (ps, we hiked to that same waterfall the last time we went, and we tried to climb up the falls & i like almost drowned from so much water falling straight on me, haha)

    also, you are seriously rocking the dress + button up tied around your waist look. such a babe.

    1. Thank you so much!! I wish we could have swam here, but oh well!

      And truth be told, that dress turned out to be the tiniest bit too short, so I tried to wear that button up tied around my waist to keep my dress down!! Hahaha but i do love to wear that kind of combo a lot:) thank you!


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