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PART 5! This was Tanner and Ashley's Anniversary day!! They were seriously so nice to invite us on this trip with them. They were so generous and we were SUPER happy to babysit Layla in the evening so they could go celebrate! They wanted to play with her during the day though and stay at the beach and swim, so Chance and I headed out on some adventures!

We went shark diving!!!! IT WAS SO COOL. Minus the super-sea-sickness! I wasn't expecting to get sea sick, and thought Chance would probably be okay, but...... Chance was SO close to puking, and I started feeling it near the end. But it was worth it. Tons of sharks everywhere! Really. So cool. Our guides were super cool too and helped us get some cool shots with our go-pro. 

After we came back to land from Shark Diving we had to lay down on the grass for like 30 minutes to re-orient ourselves. Haha, it was really rough, I'm tellin ya. Then we headed to the Dole Plantation and rode the Pineapple Express. Even though the Pineapple had all been harvested.....so we didn't really see any! Haha but we learned some good stuff! Like did you know, after a pineapple has been picked, it doesn't get riper, and that a green pineapple doesn't mean it's not ripe? So all of us who shop at the grocery store and look for yellow ones, not necessary, and when you pick a green one you don't have to wait for it to turn yellow! We got ourselves a nice Dole Whip and headed back to the condo. 

Tanner and Ashley went and did their thing, while we took Layla swimming and to the beach, then home for a bath and to watch finding nemo! SHE IS SUCH A CUTIE! In these pictures she looks really shy, because when her parents leave she gets a little anxious haha but I love that she got more comfortable with us on this trip. In fact, every time we got in the car I would lean over to her car seat and say "Layla! I love you!" and she would say "Ahh you!" (love you), and soon enough all I had to say was "Layla!" and she would respond "Ahh you!" before I even said anything else. It was the best! Hahaha and don't you just love Chance and My little practice family picture down there ;). Thanks Tanner and Ashley for letting us pretend she was ours for a night! Hehe..

We ended our last night with another moonlit walk on the beach. Ahh....

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